RPCYC Communication Channels

Here at the RPCYC we embrace technology and are trying to make it as accessible and as non-intrusive as possible.

We are going to try a Whatsapp solution to try and minimise the amount of alerts and notifications for things that may not be of interest to you.

RPCYC Ch8 Boating chat – A dedicated Whatsapp channel for boating discussion such as crewing and organised events on the water.

RPCYC Ch14 Clubhouse – A dedicated Whatsapp channel for discussions about movements around the Clubhouse such as events , opening times announcements etc

RPCYC 16 Assistance – A dedicated Whatsapp channel where members can ask for help, offer advice and support each other.

With Whatsapp being a publicly available service we have very little moderation control so if you see anything of concern on any of the RPCYC channel please let us know by completing the form below and we will look into it. You may also use this for feedback in general – thanks!